Olivia G. Owens

Who am I? This is a loaded question…

I am a second generation American and a native expatriate. I am underpaid, under-educated and I have a hard time comprehending why a decent paying job has eluded me for so many years.

I am an aspiring writer. I use several pseudonyms because I believe they give me an air of mystery. The more pseudonyms, the bigger the mystery. I have yet to be published, but my hopes are high. I recently received an offer for my work to be published in a reputable publication entitled “Common Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make.” I am very excited.

In my spare time, I raise two boys. They have single handedly contributed to my declining health.  My doctors tell me I may recover when my children move out; even then, it’s questionable.

Unfortunately, I was given another sixty years to live, unless I get hit by a bus or run with scissors. Until recently, the doctors have done everything they could to make me more comfortable, and for that, I am grateful.

I have received several awards yet  Mother of the Year has eluded me. This may be the fault of my oldest son. When he asked if he could drive my car because he was a big boy, I believed him. Had he stayed within the lines, we never would have been pulled over. Then, Child Protective Services got involved for no apparent reason.

I am, however, a driven individual and I do not give up easily. My son and I have discussed his mistake, and I am confident, this will be my year.


2 comments on “Olivia G. Owens

  1. smonaghan119 says:

    The theme is very easy to navigate, yet complex enough that it looks sharp. It’s a solid choice. I will take a look at some of your writing on here in the near future, been swamped with new writing clients lately and feeling a bit burnt out 🙂

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