“You Will Become an Army for Your Child”

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Thank You

Dear Stepfather –

You were tall, dark, and handsome. You were change; you were a breath of fresh air. My world began anew when you gallantly walked into my life. The fog surrounding my young life lifted and the sun shone brightly once more.

I was young and impressionable when you arrived. You emerged from darkness and brought light into my sad and lonely world. You were my role model, you were my hero, and you were my victor.

You held me up through teenage angst, failed friendships, and sibling rivalry. You were a confidant, a father, a friend. You loved me and guided me through marriage and the happiness of motherhood.

My ambition soared because of you. I became the happy person I am today because of you. You were the reason I searched for and found the love of my life, my knight in shining armor, my soul mate. I am loved and adored because of you.

You taught through example; you taught me the value of marriage and partnership. I am respectful and kind because of you.

Because of you I celebrate love, friendship, motherhood, and life.

Thank you for the sacrifices. Thank you for the worry. Thank you for your priceless teachings.

You Made Me a Better Mother

When you slapped me and struck me with a belt, I vowed to never treat my children with such horror.

When you lovingly kissed me and placed your tongue in my mouth, I recoiled and vowed to fight against people like you.

When you punched my sister, I vowed to stand up to bullies, no matter their size, strength or age.

When you touched me inappropriately, I vowed to protect my children from monsters like you.

When you forced me to choose between you and my mother, I vowed to never put my children in such a powerless and frightening position.

You Made Me a Better Wife

When you punched, slapped, and kicked my mother, I vowed to not accept such treatment from any man.

When you threatened to kill my mother and us, her children, I vowed to protect the helpless.

When you cheated on my mother, I vowed to never follow in your footsteps.

You Taught Me Honor and Respect

When you called my sister, my mother, and me vile names, I vowed to be respectful.

When you struck your own mother, brother, and father, I vowed to be kind and respect my elders.

Thank you dear stepfather for all the invaluable lessons.

Thank you for teaching me right from wrong.

Most of all, thank you for teaching me respect, love, honor, honesty, and integrity, despite overwhelming odds.