Walking Away

large - Edited

The day she’ll walk into your life
I’ll feel the striking of the knife;
You will no longer want me here
There’ll be no need for me so near.

The day I’ll see her in your arms
My spirit will not bear harms,
For it will splinter up and break
With every breath that I will take.

The day I’ll walk away from you
A hundred blades will cut me through.
And as I turn then will I pray
For strength to keep looking away.

The day that I will say goodbye
Will be the day my heart will die.
I’ll walk away and won’t return
For you and I, I’ll always mourn.

The silent smile on my face
Will hide the pain I can’t erase,
Pain, agonizing and unbending
Just know that I will be pretending.

© Copyright 2018 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.


Inner Demons


I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
They mock and laugh, and then hit back
And easily get back on track.

I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
They gently brush away my hair
I take a breath but there’s no air.

I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
I shake them off just for an instant
They grab on tight, they are resistant.

I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
I choose to face them feeling stronger,
They smile back and hold me longer.

I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
I’m giving up and slowly fade
Give in, find solace in their shade.

I’m building walls they have to climb,
Push them away time after time.
The demons offer their embrace
I just give in and take my place.

They find me when I’m all alone
And cut me down to the bone.
I’m slowly learning how to die
My silenced eyes no longer cry.

© Copyright 2018 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.

An Atheist I Am – a Poem by Deven Singh

What do you mean there is no god
or angels that fly with the wings of a dove
or peacock winged horses and virgins a plenty,
not eighty perhaps but at least more than twenty.

You tell me this book is used as a hook,
to snare and befuddle to make life a muddle.
You think that they’re fake and a man made their shape,
do you ever think that you’ve made a mistake?

How possible can it be that my god’s the greatest,
not Anubis or Zeus or Odin or Hades?
How do I know, I have no reply,
all I can do is look to the sky.

I begin to think, my mind opens up
and I finally lose that dim blank washed look,
do I honestly believe in Eve made from Adam
or a book that portrays man greater than woman?

And finally now my transition complete
no more shall I stare down and look at my feet.
I am proud and enlightened,no more a disciple,
An Atheist am I.

Sell – A Poem by David J. Marriott

David was good enough to allow me to share his beautiful poem. Thank you David.


Sell your soul for a penny

Sell your mind to the dead

Leave your house just to buy things

Prioritise junk over bread

Trust your life to a man with a gun

Buy the gun from the man

Use the gun to hold reason to ransom

Preach of a provident plan

Sell them a lie for a penny

Sell them a jewel for a rag

Leave them no house or possessions

Orchestrate war over flags

Trust your lies to a man with a voice

Buy the voice from the man

Use your words to hold reason to ransom

Everything’s going to plan


Deeper than Knowledge


Great words are unclouded and apt
They need to flow freely and cannot be capped.
Great understanding is determined and rooted
In learning, the path undisputed.

Understanding requires some effort,
The links of perception all severed.
We project meaning past the rim of our world,
Our deepest convictions can never be furled.

Knowledge originates in patience and skill
It is gained by learning and having strong will.
Active understanding, the ability to question
By its very nature illustrates expression.

Understanding is deeper than knowledge
Where perception of meaning pays homage.
Understanding, an instrument of expression
Can quickly become the darkest obsession.

2014 in Review

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Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

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Silent Shadows


I’ve stumbled through life, never finding my way
Looked at the world through lenses of grey.
The monsters I claim, from under my bed
Are now nestled tight and close in my head.

They whisper things and have me believe
I’m not here for joy, but only to grieve.
The noise in my head echoes unbroken,
The door to my heart, they left it wide open.

For darkness to crawl in and find a nice place,
Where tears are constant, devoid of all grace.
They filled it with sorrow ingrained in a crown
So heavy to wear, I fight not to drown.

Happiness tries to fight its way in
To find an illusion; constant shadow within.
It turns on the light to chase it away –
The darkness’ assault pulls it quick in the fray.

This shadow my monsters have cast over me,
Keeps me wrapped tight, can’t seem to get free.
The fight to evict them, to push them away
Is silent and vast – can’t keep them at bay.

Shaped by our minds, we become what we think,
They try us or tie us in knots ‘til we sink.
When the candle was lit, my shadow was cast,
With each breath I do ask how much longer I’ll last.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.