I wait and wait without an end in sight.
I pull and want with all my might.
But I’m just tired of the fight,
And no longer know what’s right.

Should I stay or should I go
I cannot tell, nor do I know.
‘Accept it and just ride the flow’
It’s not an option… it’s a blow.

In the end I might be running
But I hope I may be learning,
That some flames will not be burning
No matter how strong the yearning.

I’ll be crushed then I’ll be set
You’ll be my greatest regret.
My only hope is to forget
The day we so easily met.

I tell myself to stay and try
To not give in and say goodbye.
The target though was set so high
That it seem like it’s a lie.

I wait and wait without an end in sight.
I pull and want with all my might.
But I’m so tired of the fight,
I no longer know what’s right.




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Why We Dream

Have you ever wondered why we dream? Our brains tell us amazing stories while we sleep. Some dreams are fun and curious, some are scary and adventurous, while others are mystifying and thrilling.

No matter the story, dreams are places where adventures begin.

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2014 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

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In the light of what we know
Words can be hard or light like snow.
Unmerciful, callous, and daring,
They can caress you or be blaring.

Words are the building blocks of life
For they can slice you like a knife.
They scar you more than you will think,
And they can push you to the brink.

Words – echoes of eternity
Planting the seed of sweet serenity.
The power to impress the mind,
Becomes the sword that slices blind.

Words are a prison or escape,
An outlook can be reshaped.
They’ll build you up or cut you down,
And stomp you right into the ground.

Be mindful of the words you choose,
Taste them for they become your muse.
Your gracious words can save a life,
Or end a bitter tasting strife.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.

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Art and Magic


Many beautiful things they say
The heart will never see as grey.
Rather than see, the heart will feel,
What’s not perceived it will reveal.

In love the heart firmly believes;
Despite its love it also grieves.
So many wear it on their sleeves,
It’s vulnerable to all thieves.

A loving heart will always know
The world is happy and aglow.
A happy heart will always hear,
What is not whispered in your ear.

Your head will always be at odds,
While your heart will float on clouds.
The head is often ruled by logic,
Whereas your heart is filled with magic.

Accept the thing to which fate binds you
To love the people it brings through.
Do this with all your caring heart,
Love is not science but an art.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.

Battle Mask

Image1 (1)


We’re born of hate, fear, and strife
Injustice and unrest gives us all life.
Humanity’s mistake was to believe,
Its own magnificence had been achieved.

The universe so vast made you believe
You were alone; you were naïve.
We waited from afar, unseen
Trapped in this world of in-between.

We’d learned to live our lives in silence,
Quietly watching from a distance.
When all your pomp gave way to fear,
It then allowed us to appear.

Without considering the cost,
You tried to fight us but you lost.
Despite your will you didn’t think,
The simplest answer: a smile, a wink.

A thing so small and innocent,
So effortless a sentiment.
You didn’t think to stop and ask
Us, to remove our battle masks.

It took a child to recognize
Our fierceness -simply a guise.
A challenge to you all, proclaimed
If you were worthy to be saved.

A last chance, you now have to show
Our choice was right; and even though,
We are unseen, now just a myth,
We’re always watching herewith.

Until we showed, we weren’t near
Dark thoughts of war made us appear.
Forever vigilant we watch in silence,
Hoping humanity will grow a conscience.

You named us Dragons, we are seers.
Our constant whispers dry your tears.
We’re now forever known for woe,
And though we’re friend, we’re also foe.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.