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Sell – A Poem by David J. Marriott

David was good enough to allow me to share his beautiful poem. Thank you David.


Sell your soul for a penny

Sell your mind to the dead

Leave your house just to buy things

Prioritise junk over bread

Trust your life to a man with a gun

Buy the gun from the man

Use the gun to hold reason to ransom

Preach of a provident plan

Sell them a lie for a penny

Sell them a jewel for a rag

Leave them no house or possessions

Orchestrate war over flags

Trust your lies to a man with a voice

Buy the voice from the man

Use your words to hold reason to ransom

Everything’s going to plan

Deeper than Knowledge


Great words are unclouded and apt
They need to flow freely and cannot be capped.
Great understanding is determined and rooted
In learning, the path undisputed.

Understanding requires some effort,
The links of perception all severed.
We project meaning past the rim of our world,
Our deepest convictions can never be furled.

Knowledge originates in patience and skill
It is gained by learning and having strong will.
Active understanding, the ability to question
By its very nature illustrates expression.

Understanding is deeper than knowledge
Where perception of meaning pays homage.
Understanding, an instrument of expression
Can quickly become the darkest obsession.