Walking Away

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The day she’ll walk into your life
I’ll feel the striking of the knife;
You will no longer want me here
There’ll be no need for me so near.

The day I’ll see her in your arms
My spirit will not bear harms,
For it will splinter up and break
With every breath that I will take.

The day I’ll walk away from you
A hundred blades will cut me through.
And as I turn then will I pray
For strength to keep looking away.

The day that I will say goodbye
Will be the day my heart will die.
I’ll walk away and won’t return
For you and I, I’ll always mourn.

The silent smile on my face
Will hide the pain I can’t erase,
Pain, agonizing and unbending
Just know that I will be pretending.

© Copyright 2018 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.




Cascades of shadows envelop me
Creep in and settle with such glee.
They burrow deep inside my heart
And slowly begin their relentless assault.

They invade my mind with such ardor,
Strike and push even harder.
So hard I fight to keep them at bay
I can do nothing, not even pray.

Pray that my soul is left unaffected,
Denying the truth that I feel dejected.
Aware of the pain inflicted each moment,
Unable to feel the need for atonement.

Deserving of this wretched agony
Tears are pouring uncontrollably.
These shadows churn deep inside my head,
And singing that I’m better off dead.

It’s easy to reach for the cute little bottle
For in it lies a hopeless lost battle.
I want to sleep and not feel the pain
That binds me forever just like a chain.

© Copyright 2018 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.



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In the light of what we know
Words can be hard or light like snow.
Unmerciful, callous, and daring,
They can caress you or be blaring.

Words are the building blocks of life
For they can slice you like a knife.
They scar you more than you will think,
And they can push you to the brink.

Words – echoes of eternity
Planting the seed of sweet serenity.
The power to impress the mind,
Becomes the sword that slices blind.

Words are a prison or escape,
An outlook can be reshaped.
They’ll build you up or cut you down,
And stomp you right into the ground.

Be mindful of the words you choose,
Taste them for they become your muse.
Your gracious words can save a life,
Or end a bitter tasting strife.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.

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Win or Lose

Each unseen blow that brings you down
Takes all your breath so you can drown.
You fight and win, or so you think
Each “win” will bring you to the brink.

Hands you can’t see will urge you on,
You’re smart, you feel just like a pawn.
You fight and win, or so you think
Then darkness will give you a wink.

The emptiness you feel is crushing
Feelings of dread come forward, rushing.
You fight and win, or so you think
You’re just a captive in a rink.

Your opponent – slick and cunning
Only for you is always gunning.
You fight and win, or so you think
You’re not the chain, only the link.

Loneliness, your greatest friend
Just strength forcing your will to bend.
You fight and win, or so you think
Your joy all gone in just a blink.

Your isolation has gained wings
Only to hold you tight in strings.
You fight and win, or so you think
But all you want to do is drink.

A deathcup – sip and go to sleep
But know the price is way too steep.
To stop the voices just give in,
Just know:
For all your fight, that’s not a win.

© Copyright 2014 Olivia G. Owens. All rights reserved.